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Sichuan activations in the round travel market
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Businessman of part of a covered corridor or walk of beer of night of the bridge austral Jiang Yan already began to restore to do business.

A few days ago, government of the Chengdu City and China International travel agent total company limited company of travel agent of international of the brigade in total company, harbor signed travel agent of limited company, China " travel cooperation agreement " , rose on July 1 from this year to during December 31, travel the tourist outside organizing at least 15 thousand provinces respectively to Chengdu. According to the Chengdu City skill of Deng of tourism bureau director introduces, the travel product of 80% above already belonged to Chengdu safe. Chongqing city also travels at adopting a series of measure to activation in the round a few days ago the market.

Chongqing takes measure activation market

Sichuan seismic wave reachs Chongqing, domestic and international tourist thinks Chongqing also is seismic heavy disaster area by accident, bring about acute of passenger source of Chongqing travel agent to decrease, the earthquake causes immediate loss to amount to 500 million yuan to Chongqing tourism.

To eliminate misunderstanding, chongqing city builds travel atmosphere actively, develop travel new project, optimize travel circuitry, development travel market, take a series of step market of comprehensive activation travel.

It is rapid travel to Chongqing of domestic and international announcement actual condition, to the whole nation bureau of each province tourism and national tourism bureau are stationed in each country agency to write, earnest show limitation of national tourism bureau enters disaster area to travel not to include Chongqing, at present each great respect area mixes Chongqing the infrastructure such as travel highway was not destroyed, traffic fluent, recieve establishment order of safety of environment of area of complete, scene, travel is favorable, be at ease before forming a delegation, go to.

2 it is to adopt " come in please " " go " " collaboration is dry " wait for means, concentration came in June in October, the market sales promotion that develops market of activation Chongqing travel in the round works. It is above all " come in please " , had done actively to was held in September " Chinese Chongqing is dozenth a section of landscape city travel " , wide invite global travel travelling merchant and tourist to come Chongqing inspects landscape city travel, 3 gorge travel. It is next " go " , the team goes to the company of area of travel agent of main international, home, scene, yacht, airline is trunk sales promotion inside constituent city ground of main passenger source develops activity of propagandist sales promotion. It is in addition " collaboration works " , the collaboration of company of leading travel of ground of main passenger source of farther aggrandizement and Chongqing city, conduct propaganda of sex of commonweal of effective and integrated government and company profitability sale, execute interactive double win.
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