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Space of the travel after the Olympic Games is large
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Of the Olympic Games hold, attracted fan of audience of the Olympic Games outside many churchyard, sports and tourist. During coming 20 days on August 8, area of scene of 164 main travel recieves Beijing in all 4.8 million person-time. 117 governments of Beijing recieve the autograph of restaurant to make an appointment with guest room to occupy total guest room to count 7 into, day recieves a quantity to be controlled in 32 thousand person. Wang Zhifa of deputy director general of national tourism bureau expressed a few days ago, according to the common law that international Olympic Games travels, the common tourist quantity that sponsors a country will reach peak value level after the Olympic Games. Accordingly, future a few months, name a person for a particular job of main situation of each province city greets our country to enter a country the tourist's fastigium.

Formulate strategy of the travel after the Olympic Games

Recently, national tourism bureau invites travel agent of Inc. of travel of international of river of travel agent of Hong Kong China, Shanghai bright and beautiful, China International net of the total company, journey that carry Cheng, head the controller of bureau of tourism of city of overseas Chinese of restaurant of international of brigade group, Beijing, extensive force, Shenzhen and Beijing, market of the travel after how developing an Olympic Games has have an informal discussion, du Jiang of Wei of Shao Qi of director of national tourism bureau, deputy director general listened to the proposal that industry represents. The person that attend the meeting thinks, the Olympic Games is to figure of travel of our country whole the the most extensive, most effective conduct propaganda is popularized, from long-term in light of, development of estate of travel of the our country after the Olympic Games will face good chance.

Representing think, after the Olympic Games travel management department and enterprise should extend train of thought, develop the travel product of newer, higher level as soon as possible, if sports travel, meeting extends travel and line of Olympic Games travel, drive industrial transition to upgrade thereby. Tourism should lend the whole people athletic upsurge, share Olympic Games establishment, make sports travel brand actively.

Representing suggest, the travel after the Olympic Games develops the strategy to should include the following fields: It is the influence of investigation Olympic Games to China International figure; 2 it is the market characteristic with different basis, begin the market conduct propaganda of specific aim respectively; 3 it is the share that increases to be able to be exhibited and reward travel; 4 it is to continue to conduct activities of all sorts of large part issue actively, draw the attention of the whole world continuously.   

It is reported, the travel company that national tourism bureau already engineered the near future to organize abroad goes to China collect folk songs. At the same time a lot of local travel departments and business already had been done " go " plan, they travel to going to China of international market sales promotion product, reveal travel figure too impatient to wait.
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