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Travel of Shenzhen summer vacation time exhibits upsurge
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It is reported, held to salute the advent of upsurge of travel of Shenzhen summer vacation on June 14 " travel of summer vacation time of new condition bound is exhibited " will be in Shenzhen great theater (the hall) open to broad citizen. At the appointed time, bound of new condition of Shenzhen nation force acknowledges the client that holds rich and colorful activity, "Travel of summer vacation time of new condition bound is exhibited " as " new condition bound section of 55 years of clients " grand opera, will pull open for Shenzhen citizen " new condition bound section of 55 years of clients " big screen.

Build travel information platform

According to Shenzhen nation force controller of new condition group introduces, hold this to exhibit the main purpose of the meeting to have 3: Above all, it is pair of countries new old client supports group of brigade new condition be thankful pass on; Next, it is market of rich Shenzhen travel, culture of prosperous Shenzhen travel, build to get the product of travel of travel information, understanding, platform that enjoys travel fun for Shenzhen citizen; Again, country bound of brigade new condition also hopes to borrow this series activity to promote core competition ability and brand force truly, had done " character travel expert " industry role, let more tourist get more excellent service, let what character travel gets more client approbate.

Exhibit what can get bureau, tourist attraction, airline, hotel reachs travel agent travelling domestic and internationally each this to support energetically, exhibit the fashionable travel product that can cover category to abound, involve limits to include Guangdong provincial, home, worldwide the data of product line road inside. Meanwhile, still can offer for broad citizen newest the hottest Taiwan travel information, enclothe the data of product line road with the lively topic such as go on a journey of summer vacation family further.

This second travel exhibits the award that prepared to abound and souvenir, roc city citizen can exchange ticket of a lottery to play lucky lottery to information desk by invitation or newspaper. In the meantime, mobile spot can admire Hong Kong Dishinile field Dishini wonderful way develops marine park of friend, Hong Kong, the travel that has a series of trying to be unique more is auctioned and enchanted lottery link and entrance ticket of relevant scene area, cover product of ticket, circuitry.

Spot newspaper round privilege is much

As we have learned, activity that day, the citizen with spot round ginseng signing up, in leave the country, the privilege that face of You Fang of home, provincial, HongKong and Macow all has different rate, highest and favourable amount is close 1000 yuan.

The route that can choose for the citizen is not little also, leave the country privilege of You Fang face is the biggest, boreal Europe Icelandic Russia swims 14 days privilege 1000 yuan, bay middle east of new, Africa, Egypt, Maldives, beauty is added, the circuitry such as Japan, Korea, southeast Asia is favourable 300 ~ 800 yuan; Home is long term respect, the circuitry such as Beijing, north border, Hua Dongshui countryside, Li Jiang, the tourist that before 4 spots sign up all can win 800 yuan of privilege; Before Guilin in relief new moon experiences round spot signs up 4 tourist can win 500 yuan of privilege; Provincial and all character two days of You Jun are favourable 38 yuan; Distributing center center " high grade sincere letter Hong Kong swims " privilege showing a group 50 yuan.
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