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The travel circuitry faintness of travel agent makes a tourist deficient
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On the travel circuitry of partial travel agent, classics regular meeting appears " far view is such-and-such tourist attraction " , " post class " , " offer excellent guidebook to serve " wait for ambiguous word, the tourist needs to take a heart. A few days ago, the superintend group that by Guangxi travel pledges travel of inspect place, Nanning pledges the unit such as inspect place is comprised, the special superintend that undertakes concerned sincere letter travelling to the city of 8 first-class travel such as Wu city, announced superintend case on June 11, and travel contract and propagandist data are non-standard become general issue.

Superintend 8 cities travel sincere letter

It is reported, begin from March 23, 2008, superintend group is right the special superintend that the city of 8 first-class travel such as Wu city, Liuzhou, Guilin, the North sea undertakes concerned sincere letter travelling, examined 80 units in all (among them, travel agent and salesroom 36, hotel restaurant 20, area of scene of travel tourist attraction 24) . On June 11, superintend group comes to last station Nanning, announced the concerned case of superintend.

On June 11, inspection team selectived examination bright and beautiful China the travel company such as travel agent of travel agent of travel agent of China of big public house, Guangxi, Nanning China youth, Guangxi China International, basic nonexistent disobey travel the problem of sincere letter. On June 12, the partial travel company such as will green to Nanning beautiful hill has examination group selective examination, end to examine an activity this.

Travel faintness word should be careful

Zheng Jinming of assistant director of institute of Guangxi travel qualitative inspect announced the case of the examination. The problem that travel agent exists has: Individual salesroom did not come true " 4 unified " , tourism bureau already on the spot make known to lower levels rectifies and reform advice note; More general issue is travel contract and propagandist data non-standard, still travel agent is used " post class " , " excellent guidebook " , " far view " , " look at " wait for ambiguous word; Competition of lower the price, 0 negative League membership dues still exist. He reminds a visitor, the ambiguous word that may appear to these should take a heart more, avoid to be duped.

In hotel restaurant, guesthouse of above of partial SamSung class serves quality to remain to rise downstage; Guesthouse of the class that be not a star still appears to publicize matter illegally, be like socially the banner that illegal element is playing big travel agent, begin illegal Vietnam border land to swim; The kitchen sanitation of partial hotel is unqualified. Scene area also is put in a few problems. Hidden danger of safety of existence of the illegimate bamboo raft that manages like Li river, yacht; In individual situation area, still have discard as useless the car is inside scene area exercise, scene area road does not have armrest; Safe mark is non-standard wait.
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