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Small mid-autumn long false circumjacent travel does not rise in price

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The Mid-autumn Festival is labelled first the country is legal holiday, many citizens begin to plan small long holiday goes out travel. The reporter understands from travel agent of our city much home, travel line is much mid-autumn give priority to with the peripheral line such as Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian, the price did not rise, basically with ferial keep balance.

Recently, reporter in new century travel agent salesroom of street of 3 Beijing University came up against a few to come round to seek advice to travel mid-autumn the citizen of circuit, they state the Mid-autumn Festival may go out travel, the line is main it is circumjacent area. Speak of coming the Mid-autumn Festival, the Xu Laobai that lives in Sun Tang new residential quarter says: "Early had discussed, when the Mid-autumn Festival, 5 people in the home play to hill of Fujian fierce exterminate. " the plan that the fourth gentleman that in Ci Xi company of a foreign trade works told a reporter a make the best of both worlds: "I prepare to drive take wife and child to play to Jiangsu, look incidentally parental, after all the Mid-autumn Festival is the Mid-Autumn Festival! " the reporter understands in interview, because this year is small first mid-autumn long holiday, the tradition that reunions in the home mid-autumn before splits up gradually, go out a kind of when travel to becoming a citizen degree mid-autumn new option.

As we have learned, because holiday of the Mid-autumn Festival has 3 days only, scene, holiday, new century, fast amounts to those who wait for travel agent key to roll out is provincial or periphery swims circuit. "Periphery of the Mid-autumn Festival swims compare fire, for instance wild goose swings hill 2 days to swim, 3 clear hill swim 3 days, Anhui Huang Shan swims 3 days, come round to seek advice these days, advisory person is more. " a staff member of holiday travel agent says. The reporter notices, the travel circuitry price of the Mid-autumn Festival did not rise this year, basically with ferial keep balance. Tung cottage 1000 islands lake swims 2 days the price 548 yuan / person, the price that Suzhou swims 2 days without Xi Haohua also needs 518 yuan only / person.

Travel agent expresses, because the holiday of the Mid-autumn Festival is finite, airline will still main energy is put in market of National Day golden week, did not raise airline ticket price considerably, accordingly, the price of domestic travel circuitry still is the same as ferial keep balance, partial route is reduced as a result of hotel price still compare basically ferial should low, the citizen that the proposal has fun at mights as well mid-autumn go on a journey, the evening of the lunar circle of one specific type is felt in different ground.

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