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Shenzhen person can leave the country in harbor newspaper group swim

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Outback tourist can sign up to Hong Kong play local travel agent form a delegation leave the country travel, the price and dweller of Hong Kong this locality agree and enjoy same privilege. Recently, hong Kong always installs travel company to leave the country swim form a delegation to be opened formally to outback tourist.

Recently, hong Kong always installs travel company to roll out road of hot line of many travel fire and appeared on its government website very inviting favourable activity: On the foundation that joins a group in cost price of the first passenger, the 2nd passenger can be enjoyed low to the 5.5 big privilege that lose, express those who accept outback tourist to sign up. The cent point that the reporter calls Hong Kong to always install travel to be in Guangzhou seeks advice, counterjumper shows interior always install travel agent not to participate in this activity, but ginseng group signs up to Hong Kong after outback tourist is doing good passport and visa, can enjoy this privilege likewise.

For this, the reporter seeks testimony to Mr Yao of this company. Mr Yao expresses, outback tourist joins a group to set out to Hong Kong travel agent is no problem completely, want to press program ready-made only: Go surely definitely above all which country, after doing all visa inside next, there are the passport of relevant visa and the ready money that League membership dues needs on the belt, can sign up to Hong Kong. Nevertheless he reminds, because Hong Kong travel agent does not provide the service that brush card recently, sign up to harbor so hand in take time to want the ready money on the belt or check.

As course of study inside senior personage, the outback tourist that Mr Yao suggests harbor ginseng signing up is round had better be choice only state the Russia of circuit, australia, new Zealand or Korea swims, because these circuitry need to deal with visa only, formalities will be more convenient faster. And if want to attend multilateral swim, outback tourist needs to consider the heavy and complicated of visa formalities and charge.

The reporter understands, hong Kong always installs what travel company rolls out this to leave the country swimming is not all travel circuitry are opened to outback tourist in circuit, for example Japan swims to sign up with respect to what do not accept outback tourist. To this, always install the Mr Yao explanation of the company, when taking a group to arrive at Japan to enter a country, the time of tourist pass a barrier that holds Chinese passport is met longer, the formalities that perhaps is Japanese respect and examination place meet many a little bit with time, cause inconvenience to do not make other fare long wait, so of short duration does not accept group of inlander Japan signing up now.

Additional, the permit that needs to support Hong Kong write comments on a document to outback tourist sets out in Hong Kong, answer inland from Hong Kong when return, mr Yao expresses, the write comments on a document that inlander handles Hong Kong is 7 days, and group going abroad often is in 7 days of above, but do not need concern at this o'clock, what because enter a country according to Hong Kong,be in is how-to, outback tourist sets out in Hong Kong the date time after different ground is to be not calculated inside time leaving port, however from after returning harbor again recount, as long as add to harbor time harbor date stays to count addition after returning harbor, it is OK to do not exceed 7 days.
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