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Shenzhen market in September advocate hit new Beijing to swim

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Times of the Olympic Games after the market of incoming declare travel September is started formally, the Olympic Games swims after the product rises to surface gradually.

Travel agent of Shenzhen great majority swims with new Beijing start shooting hind the Olympic Games swims an artillery piece, the price is compared cereal peak period is almost cheap in August half, return at ordinary times level. It is reported, new Beijing You Han built element of a lot of Olympic Games, park of cubic metre of bird's nest, water, Olympic make the land that reachs surely. Travel agent reminds, the citizen visits Beijing at the beginning of September, not only the price is the most substantial, and can experience relatively full-bodied Olympic Games atmosphere.

Swam in September Beijing more overflow

Deep boat holiday " 7 days of trains of new Beijing double lie character swims " , quote 2380 yuan, zhou Er, Zhou Wufa is round, on the foundation that swims in common Beijing, special arrangement car swims 2008 Olympic Games advocate house -- , bird's nest exterior, and gymnasium of natatorium of center of water cubic metre, abstruse body, Yingdong, undergraduate. Element of include Olympic Games, become new Beijing to swim the product is the mainest feature.

Huang Limei of manager of deep boat holiday tells a reporter, although Beijing still will hold damage on September 6 abstruse meeting, but affect without what almost to the price of the product, "What regret exclusively is, still cannot enter interior of cubic of bird's nest, water to undertake visiting in September, want incomplete probably abstruse meeting ends, controlled October namely, if Olympic park ability is right,the public is opened freely. If Olympic park ability is right,the public is opened freely..

Nevertheless, the personage inside course of study expresses, the case of new Beijing travel expense September more overflow, country 5 days of double flying character of Beijing of bound of brigade new condition swim to also quote only 3180 yuan, compared with pure in August enjoy a group nearly 6000 yuan price, almost cheap half. South · of lake nation force western Shuang Fei of the palace of the Beijing row Summer Palace of holiday, Yong He, 8 Great Walls that amount to mountain 5 days also fall after a rise reachs 2499 yuan, solo flight price is less than 2000 yuan even.

Assist do a city to swim likewise popular

Swim besides new Beijing, olympic Games assist doing a city to swim also is " hind the Olympic Games travels " main component, the travel heat after becoming an Olympic Games like and other places of Shenyang, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, the price also appears considerably fall after a rise.

Zhang Xinpeng of manager of department of country of Kang Hui travel agent tells Shenzhen roc city the reporter, shuang Fei of Qingdao Olympic park, power sea, a fabled abode of immortals 5 days, shuang Fei of northeast Dalian, Shenyang, Harbin 5 days, zhuang Shuangfei of Shanghai, new scope of operation, week the 3 circuitry such as the day are paid close attention to because of Olympic Games element. In addition, travel agent designs city of a batch of Olympic Gameses unprecedentedly still to swim repeatedly product, be like " Beijing Shanghai " , " Beijing Tianjin " , " Beijing Qingdao " wait for a product, this is returned to Shenzhen travel market is very new trial.
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