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Shenzhen tourist swims stage of short duration not by way of Xiamen

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Guangdong dweller will swim henceforth Taiwan is desirable path Xiamen. The reporter has Taiwan exclusively to swim from Shenzhen form a delegation the brigade in Shenzhen port of the qualification understands, toward Taiwan at present travel still takes the route from Hong Kong non-stop flight to before Shenzhen, will inspect market reaction to roll out You Jinma Peng Zaiyou Taiwan the course of this island.

The staff member reflects the force in Shenzhen port, since the mainland after dweller of 13 provinces urban district can go to the message that Jin Mapeng travels to announce, already the citizen comes round to seek advice to whether corresponding circuitry debuts. To this, the troops in Shenzhen port represents, the Taiwan that at present this company rolls out swims golden gate, Ma Zu, Peng Hu does not include in circuit 3 ground, this company will inspect market reaction to debut to swim first Taiwan of golden horse Peng Zaiyou the course of this island.

As we have learned, taiwan of Shenzhen tourist go on a journey all sets out to reach Hong Kong by ship by dock of Shekou passenger transport now, via Hong Kong flying Taiwan. The order that flies to Taiwan as a result of Hong Kong is more, because this is in,give a timeline to go up but relatively agile. If multiply a bus to head for Xiamen, by Xiamen enters Taiwan, charge will be reduced somewhat, but from change trains of Xiamen of Shenzhen classics setting out, time going there and back increases at least daylong. Accordingly, the troops in port states of short duration won't consider to roll out this circuitry, will still use at present by the journey of Taiwan of Hong Kong non-stop flight to

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