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Fare of travel of small mid-autumn false Shenzhen 2 tuck up

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This year, small first mid-autumn holiday did not lift civil aviaton to give an upsurge, travel course fare is low confused situation will continue to National Day " the golden week " ability hopeful is broken.

Holiday is only mid-autumn 3 days, travel agent of Shenzhen much home more be happy to recommend line of travel of circumjacent short distance to the citizen. Long term travel market reaction is cool, cause civil aviaton fare to last during mid-autumn low fan. In carry the website such as Cheng, You Yi to inquire discovery, around Shenzhen leaves a port mid-autumn to other each fare whole of big city is maintained in 2 to 6 fold between, with off-season differ very few. Shenzhen reachs Beijing, Shanghai to wait for business affairs course, favourable extent is ferialer bigger, lowermost discount is in 3 fold the left and right sides. Shenzhen Changsha going there and back, Guilin, 3 inferior wait for fare of a few course to fold above in the Gao Jujiu before the Mid-autumn Festival.

It is reported, on September 27, 28 days, shenzhen flying Kunming, Li Jiang, Xiamen, big talk, 3 inferior, the fare of and other places of Guilin, Changsha, Wuhan already was amounted to 9 fold above; Of and other places of flying Guiyang, Xi'an, Chengdu, Chongqing exceed 7 generally to fold.

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