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Industry of travel of city of Shenzhen overseas Chinese

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Guangdong saves a vice-governor 10 thousand when Qing Liang inspected city of Shenzhen overseas Chinese yesterday, express: "Guangdong province should produce the bibcock effect of industry of travel of overseas Chinese city adequately, city of supportive overseas Chinese does the key greatly strong, supportive Shenzhen becomes the whole nation to travel to reform demonstrative area integratedly pilot. Shenzhen should continue on tourism of development high end. Shenzhen should continue on tourism of development high end..

Yesterday, the 10 thousand group that celebrate fine are in what Liangdao of Shenzhen city deputy mayor goes to accompany below, inspected group of overseas Chinese city to reveal intercontinental of city of garden of industry of originality of OCT of city of hall, overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese early or late big public house and city of overseas Chinese of the eastpart part.

10 thousand Qing Liang says, 1/5 what Shenzhen tourism already held income of complete province tourism nowadays, enter a country You Zaiquan province ranks the first. Guangdong saves will active integrated resource, give aid to overseas Chinese city mainly as the province enterprise. He expresses, supportive Shenzhen includes Guangdong construction " countrywide travel reforms demonstrative area integratedly " pilot city, hope Shenzhen travel continues to precede on innovation reform the whole nation.

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