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Safety of topological features of Shenzhen city travel is stable

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When along with city tourism bureau safe production checks group of examinations yesterday, the reporter understands, topological features of safety of our city travel is at present stable, each travel company is doing work of good safe production actively, prevent the happening of the accident.

Yesterday morning, li Xiaogan of director of city tourism bureau guides travel safe production to check group of size to the eastpart part Mei Sha, marine world and richly China the circumstance of examination safe production such as the hotel. Li Xiaogan introduces, visit is the safe production case that examines company of our city travel on one hand, it is traffic of survey the eastpart part on the other hand embrace the influence that blocks pair of travel up to be mirrorred to concerned branch solve a problem with effective ground. He says, topological features of safety of our city travel is at present stable, each travel company takes safe production height seriously, having doinging this work actively, strive to do the work fine do deep, prevent the happening of the accident.

As we have learned, city tourism bureau all the time since the height of safe production job to company of whole town travel takes seriously, from this year already organized up to now first 300 for many times safe production examination; In the meantime, the safe hidden trouble that gives to the examination has thorough check, adopt strong step to be rectified and reform seriously, fulfil for a short while rectify and reform and eliminate travel safety hidden danger, determined keep within limits is heavy, especially big the happening of travel safety liability accident.

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