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Travel of Anhui of dragon boat festival restrains golden growth

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Bureau of tourism of the Anhui province was announced yesterday, although carry midday this year,small long holiday is worth the university entrance exam, and condition of my province weather is poorer, be not a patch on of apiration of citizen go on a journey " Pure Brightness " , " 51 " , small long holiday saves Dan Duanwu to still recieve travel number completely 253. 280 thousand person-time, among them, tourist of pass the night 60. 270 thousand person-time, travel income is achieved 6. 6.2 billion yuan.

It is reported, travel recieves what the number exceeds 100 thousand person to have 11 city such as lake of port of Huang Shan, Hefei, mussel, overgrown with weeds, among them Huang Shan and Hefei travel recieve a number to exceed 300 thousand person-time.

Statistic shows, area of scene of travel of small Anhui length a holiday recieves upright midday the tourist achieves rapid growth compared to the same period, area of the 40 keys scene that monitor adds up to welcome a visitor 34. 610 thousand person-time, accumulative total realizes entrance ticket income 1537. 810 thousand yuan. (

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